Bugsy Malone

Welcome to the roaring twenties in the heart of England, good ol’ London!

Prohibition and gangster warfare run riot through the streets with two rival gangs at war. On one side we have Dandy Dan’s gang and on the other, Fat Sam’s. You would think with all of this going on there would be no time for anything else…. that’s where you’re mistaken.

Underground, nothing can interrupt Fat Sam’s ‘Grand Slam’, the most swingin’ jazz club in town. Fat Sam’s offers everything; dancing, showgirls, music, alcohol and dreams. This is where our main man hangs, his name is Malone, Bugsy Malone.

The Juniors of Christ’s Hospital once again prove that they can put on a magnificent performance. Join us for what promises to their best show yet.

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Symphonic Concert 2018

CH bids farewell to some of its most accomplished Grecian musicians in this concert of concerto movements, accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra. This year’s programme includes works by Mozart and Haydn alongside Bruch’s feted Violin Concerto.

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Schola in Summer

The Schola Cantorum performs Bach’s early masterpiece Cantata 150 (‘Nach, dir Herr, verlanget mich’) with instrumental accompaniment, followed by a lighter second half with an American flavour.

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Big Band Summer 2018

The ever popular CH big band returns for the summer concert. Spanning decades of jazz and big band music, the band will play a mixture of old and new pieces, including some small group jazz and a number of vocal items. Please book early to avoid disappointment!

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An Enemy of the People

“The majority is never right. Never! Who do you think makes up the majority? Intelligent people or a load of bloody fools?”

Having rejuvenated the fortunes of a crumbling town, eminent doctor Tamsin Stockmann expects to be hailed as its saviour once again when she exposes a major public health risk. But the town’s prosperity hangs in the balance and opposition grows. Will she will lauded as hero of the hour or will Dr. Stockmann be declared an enemy of the people?

Following national tours of their “hugely entertaining” (Daily Info) The Government Inspector and “stonkingly brilliant” (Oxford Playhouse) Don Q, Flintlock Theatre return with a reimagined classic. Employing their signature high-energy storytelling, music and live digital interaction, Flintlock’s irreverent style brings Ibsen’s masterpiece into the 21st century in a searing examination of fake news, whistleblowing and who really wields power in contemporary Britain.

Suitable for ages 11+.

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